We are compassion leaders, consultants, coaches and trainers who promote and develop the personal, unique and vital natural wisdom skills within those who help others. 

We know that when you choose to go into the healthcare industry, it is because you want to make a positive difference in someone’s life. When you do this work, your intention is to provide exceptional and compassionate care to those who need it most–and there is no doubt that this is remains true today. Some of your patients may even remind you of people dear to you, like your mother, father, brother, sister, child, partner–someone whom you love more than life itself. 

In fact–it is extremely likely that you have had a strong connection and passionate drive to help others for as long as you can remember; this is who you are! It is precisely this fact that affirms that YOU are at the heart of exceptional care giving. To you, this is not just a job, it is a lifestyle–and it is your way of being.

But we also know that at certain times, or with extenuating situations, these positive, core motivations can get switched off or challenged. While you might always want to be in your best form, even the most warm and compassionate caregiver can sometimes become tired, disengaged, depressed, and more.

When this happens, experiences may impact who you seem to be, but they have not changed who you really are, inherently, deep inside. How do we know this? Because we have personal experience that backs our work and mission.


We know that you are not just the title of your job! You are a sensitive human being deserving of the best care. Just like your patients who trust you, you deserve to live a fulfilled, healthy life, too. You are important. Your needs MATTER. And you deserve to give yourself the same good care you give to the people around you. We are here to help you do exactly that–helping you to keep your mind, body & soul sound, resilient and healthy.

We appreciate and honor the great sacrifices the medical community makes for every one of us. That is why we do what we do at LMCS, Inc.

The bottom line?