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Our Approach

As educators you work relentlessly to develop healthy relationships, attitudes and experiences to showcase the innate greatness in all children and the community around you. We help to provide you with the tools and resources and greatest perspective as possible to unlock the limitless success we believe all children, teens and adults are capable of achieving.

Our strength- based, resilience-focused approach is rooted in the universal principle that in order to be emotionally healthy, all people need a sense of belonging, mastery, independence and generosity. This unique model of positive development integrates the cultural wisdom of tribal peoples, the practical wisdom of professional pioneers with troubled youth and the findings of modern youth development research.

The Circle of Courage™ model addresses the needs and problems of each individual, and fosters healing and growth through interventions held in an atmosphere of respect and growth . Each intervention is trauma-informed and resilience focused, and designed to encourage the child to feel safe and comfortable in an environment of understanding and acceptance. Every broken circle can be repaired, and with every repair comes with a greater sense of strength and belief in one’s greatness. 

We understand and acknowledge that as educators your mental well being is so very important. Being deeply rooted in your community, you are confronted on a daily basis with a wide variety of emotionally charged challenges with your students. Sometimes we as humans start to suffer from internalizing these experiences and we see our educational providers start to suffer from  an increase in compassion fatigue, trauma, mental and physical exhaustion, PTSD, stress ,and burn out. Sadly no one is immune to these symptoms.

We understand the importance of providing sound coping skills and methods to navigate through some of life’s greatest challenges. Our staff consists of trained certified professionals to help you achieve the best life possible utilizing resources that are available at the tip of your fingers.

You will experience the benefits of our Optima™ program that will be tailored to your specific needs. You are not alone in this journey called life, we are here to walk alongside of you and provide you with the support you need.